Never Too Young to be in Business

With the recent news in the UK that over 3,000 straight ‘A’ students will be turned away from their chosen universities, one ‘A’ student is rather celebrating a victory in the world of business.

Jared Marcus Wright, who appeared on his school’s ‘A’ honour roll list, has also attained his first leadership level, that of Regional Director, in a well established natural food supplement company. And Jared is only five years old! He graduated recently in fine style from kindergarten and his ‘A’ achievement, coupled with his business achievements are cause for double celebration.

Jared told Mannatech’s Leadership in Action magazine: “My aunty enrolled me in Mannatech. I am so happy that I am a Mannatech toddler because by the time I grow up there might not be many jobs around. It feels great to be a Regional Director already. I also graduated from kindergarten recently and I was on the ‘A’ honour roll list. I guess all this means I am famous. When I grow up I want to be a Platinum Presidential Director and then I will be really, really famous! Thank you Aunty Joy and Uncle Roy and Aunty Cynthia and everybody at Mannatech.”

In today’s economic climate, this is not merely a cute story. Whether he realizes it or not, Jared has joined the ranks of financially literate business owners who have money working for them instead of them working for money or merely exchanging their time for money.

Robert Kiyosaki expands on this and other ideas in his book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. In his money quadrant theory, Kiyosaki highlights the difference between owning a job (self employment) and owning a business, which gives the business owner the leverage to invest in order to create further wealth.

University students, and people at any stage in their working career, would do well to pay attention to these ideas. Straight ‘A’s are great, but the truth is that one can no longer depend on the efficient working of the old paradigm of achieving qualifications in order to guarantee a good job for life.

One would do much better to take a page out of the book of such people as Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and other business owners who are aware of the financial education that is seldom taught in schools and universities.

By the time he is actually old enough to appreciate the strength of his position as an associate and leader in his own business, it is likely that Jared’s business will be turning over enough so that if his ‘A’ academic record continues he will neither struggle financially through university, but neither will he be dependent solely on those ‘A’s to take him, if he’s one of the lucky ones, to the next stage in an uncertain career.


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