Media Professional Finds Great Story to Tell on Wellness, Beauty and Slimming

Like any other writer I sometimes suffer from that dreaded disease: writers block. There’s nothing worse than sitting in front of a blank screen with a deadline looming and nothing to write about. Fortunately for me, I found the cure several months ago when I was introduced to the science of glycology and decided to become an independent distributor for a fabulous company, Mannatech. Now I have too much to say and not enough space or time.

As an independent distributor, I found out that I joined a growing team of men and women globally who are involved in a business model that Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) calls the business of the 21st century and I’m riding the waves of what two-time US presidential economic adviser, Paul Pilzer, calls the wellness revolution. According to Pilzer, the wellness industry is a growing one and is expected to produce the world’s next trillionaires in not many years from now. His forecasts are hardly surprising when one considers the appalling record of world health statistics that can be confirmed by even a cursory glance at figures outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO). People the world over, in particular the generation of baby boomers, are increasingly recognising that traditional medicine is no longer the cure-all for their desire to stay healthy, to look good and to live a better quality of life.

Mannatech is a major company at the forefront of this wellness revolution and much of my time these days is spent telling the Mannatech story: the benefits I have received from using the products, my journey to financial freedom, the amazing people I have met through the opportunity and the stories they have been telling me about how they feel about using the products.

One of their major products is a revolutionary weight management product called Osolean®. With this product I found that even though the scales told me I was heavier, my waist was actually smaller and I looked trimmer and more toned. Why? Because as my lifestyle change and use of the product helped me to burn more fat, I also developed more lean muscle and lean muscle is heavier than fat. That is one of the key workings of the product and guess who’s not complaining?

The company also produces its flagship product that aids cell-to-cell communication and provides the body with vital ingredients to enable it to naturally heal itself of ailments. This is key to the company’s nutritional range since without proper communication the body will be unable to make use of any goodness that is put into it.

Having said all this, the secret to the company’s success lies in their patented technology products whereby they have researched and harvested plant saccharides or glyconutrients or glycosugars, as they are variously called, and produced them into a proprietary range of ‘real food technology’ solutions. Glyconutrients are essential for optimal cell health and they are the missing link in food today. No other company has the mandate to produce glyconutrients, though many have recognised the value of these components and have risked lawsuits in appropriating claims to producing glyconutritional products.

That being said, Mannatech pulls out all stops to protect its associates and provide them with a platform to exclusively market their cutting edge products. It is certainly a company of solutions: providing the answer globally to wellness in the 21st century, providing a solution to those who want to take control of their financial future and, thankfully, providing a solution for my writers block.

If you want to hear some more of the story, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01922 635092 and visit my website at:


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