How To Get Your Kids To Eat Those Gruesome Greens

Have you ever seen kids this excited about eating their vegetables?

I like to play games with kids. My favourite one these days has been to whip out a bottle of what my colleague calls the Rolls Royce of food supplements. The children’s version is a delicious, chewy supplement that has no artificial additives but is packed full of nutrients extracted from 11 different vegetables and fruits. I’ll casually ask the kids, “Do you want one?” Their eyes typically sparkle as they catch sight of what to them looks like a jelly baby.

“Mmm,” they murmur as they wrap their taste buds around the delicate morsels.

After a few moments, I issue my challenge: “Guess what’s in it.”

Typically, they say: “jelly…sugar…”

“No,” I tell them. And then the fun begins. “It’s got brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots—”

Even before I get this far in the list of gruesome greens, I see the confusion clouding their countenances.

“Eeei!” they exclaim, and their faces drop in disbelief. When I first played this little game with 9-year-old Ameena, she all but snatched the jar from my hand.

“Let me see that,” she said. Her friends huddled around her and they read the list of ingredients for themselves.

And then the questions came thick and fast.

“Did you make those yourself?”

“Can I buy them in the shops?”

“How much do they cost?”

And then the cue that signals game over: “Can I have another one?”

These supplements are so delicious that although they are meant for children and although I am happy to share a few, I am usually not too keen on the can I have some more? request because that is usually a precursor to the empty jar syndrome!

It never ceases to amaze me that the company that produces this supplement has captured the attention of adults and children alike with something that is not only good for them but tastes great too. It’s the perfect alternative to additive-laden, sugary sweets. And it answers the perennial problem of getting your kids to get the benefit of those gruesome greens.

Can you imagine having your kids snapping your hands off to get their vegetables down them? Now wouldn’t that be something?

If you’d like a chance to win a jar of these, what I call natural, no-tears formula in food supplements, or what my colleague calls the Rolls Royce of food supplements, here’s a simple question for you to answer: how many different vegetables and fruits are in this supplement? Email your answers to with ‘Rolls Royce of Food Supplements’ in the subject line, stating your name and a contact number.

For further information or to organise a presentation and sampling, please telephone Joy today on 01922 635092.

Article published in the Vine Magazine (, June edition, p.26


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