Eating should be more than simply filling one’s stomach

It is quite possible to fill a stomach and yet leave the individual unfed – unfed of good nutrition, that is. This situation has become a worldwide epidemic. Children in Africa often do not get enough food – period. On the other hand, children in the West typically get too much of the wrong foods – burgers, chips, sweets etc. Both situations lead to a situation where children the world over are not being fed adequately at the cellular level, hence the increase in childhood diseases like diabetes (mainly for those in the West) and stunted development and starvation (mainly for those in developing countries).

As a social entrepreneur, I am taking steps to use my business to alleviate this issue where I can, and with some creativity I know it can be done!

A short video from a company that is well aware of the dilemma:


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1 Response to Eating should be more than simply filling one’s stomach

  1. Sounds like a great mission, how is it coming along?

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